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Geared Trolley LB-E series

Professional class

1. Double sealed ball bearings.
2. Built-in bumper guards.
3. Adjustable to fit various sizes of flange and l-beams.
4. Use ...
Hand Pallet Truck MB-B20/MB-B25

One of best selling in the world.

1. Reliable hydraulic pump:
German made seal kits afford two years warranty hydraulic pump.
Unique ...
Min. Order: 1 Piece
Hydraulic Bottle Jack LG-A series

1. Versatile jacks can be used vertically (not upside down) or at any angle to not more than 5 degrees from vertical position.
2. Can also be ...
Beam clamp LC-A series

1. Capacity 1 to 10 ton.
2. Clamp jaw is designed to reduce flange stress by distributing load away from l-beam flange edge
3. Can be mounted easily ...
Powered Pallet Truck MC-B20

Top Quality Range Heavy Duty Design

1. Maneuver loads up ramps and dockboards effortlessly.
2. Compact design combines with new technology, ...
Long Chassis Service Jacks LG-D series

Professional class

1. Welded base and cylinder to assure strength and eliminated leaks.
2. Chromed pump piston and RAM for added rust ...
Vertical Hinged Lifting Clamp LD-H series

Professional class

1. The Giantmov Vertical Hinged Lifting Clamp is suitable for the lifting, turning (180° ) and vertical ...
Hand Pallet Truck MB-C20/MB-C25/MB-C30

One of the best pallet truck in the world!

1. Quick lift!
Within 2 strokes, pallet is ready to be moved.
Highly efficient achieve ...
Min. Order: 1 Piece
Air/Hydraulic Service Jacks LG-E50/LG-E100 series
Professional class
Latest air/hydraulic technology.
Plate Lifting Clamp LD-J series

Professional class

1. Vertical lift and turn objects in one smooth operation.
2. Hardened steel jaws for secure is grip, and cam mechanism ...
Hand Pallet Truck MB-P20/MB-P325/MB-P30

1. Rubber coated handle comfortable even under extreme temperature conditions.
2. Fully sealed galvanized hydraulic unit housing.
3. ...
Min. Order: 1 Piece
Air Service Jack LG-F220/LG-F221

Professional class

1. Welded base and cylinders to assure strength and eliminated leaks.
2. Chromed pump piston and RAM for added rust ...
Min. Order: 1 Piece
Push Trolley LB-A series

Professional class

1. Adapts to wide range of beam adjustment by thread.
2. Versatile trolley for use with any hook suspended hoist.
3. Conforms to ...
Galvanized Pallet Trucks MB-F20/MB-F25

1. Latest galvanizing technology offers longest span life and prevent corrosion.
2. For use in corrosive environment, cold room or clean ...
Min. Order: 1 Piece
Suction Lifter LL-B series

1. Giantmove suction lifters are intended for lifting, carrying and holding objects having plane, sealed surfaces.
2. Other applications are not ...
Min. Order: 1 Piece
Trolley Clamp LB-C series

The easy installation to any beam makes it suitable for fixing to any moving hoist, pulleys and loads.

1. It can be adjusted quickly to the beam ...
Stainless Pallet Trucks MB-N20/MMB-N25

1. Material Inox304.
2. All parts are made of stainless including hydraulic pump, fork frame, handle, push rod, bearing, pin and bolt, ...
Skates Fixed Type AQ-B series
Plain Trolleys 0.5-10ton LB-D series

Professional class

1. Double sealed ball bearings.
2. Built-in bumper guards.
3. Adjustable to fit various sizes of flange and l-beams. ...
Four Way Pallet Truck MB-L12

1. Unique 4-direcional movement capacity provides the flexibility to maneuver wide loads through standard aiales.
2. An additional set of wheels ...
Min. Order: 1 Piece
Skates with Castor AQ-C102/AQ-C104
Geared Trolley LB-B series

Professional class

1. Very easy to adjust the width to fit different beam by thread.
2. Cast iron universal tread wheels for use on flat or ...
Rough Terrain Trucks MK-D100/MK-D125

1. Great equipmet to move heavy loads up till 1250kg.
2. Ergonomic design of the frame to reduce the operation effort.
3. Meanwhile the ...
Min. Order: 1 Piece
Roller Crowbar AQ-D15/AQ-D50
Horizontal Plate Lifting Clamp LD-A series

1. Designed for the safe handling of plate in horizontal direction.
2. Hardened steel jaws for positive grip and locking mechanism. ...
Mechanic Lifter MK-B031/MK-B032

1. To replace hydraulic pallet truck when under 300kg load.
Pallets are simply lifted by pulling the handle backwards (the leverage principle). ...
Turn Table AQ-M series

1. Turntable are to be placed on top, handle must to be attached.
2. Holding while roller skate is moving, minimum turning circle is 3m.
Lifting Clamp-Single Plate LD-C series

1. Design for loading and unloading steel plate easily.
2. 150% overload factory tested.
3. Usually 4 PCS work together.
4. Confroms to ...

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